Starbucks secret menu: How to order the orange drink

Another day, another Starbucks secret drink is revealed! Here’s how to order the orange drink!

We love discovering new drink to order at Starbucks. Though the coffee shop already has a menu packed with delicious options, drinks from the secret menu help us rotate these beverages so that there is always something new waiting for us. This one we spotted at Women’s Health Magazine, and they have our full trust at finding the latest treats!

With the temperature outside getting warmer soon, there’s no better time to start getting a list together of icy, cool drinks to try! The source teases that this drink tastes just like peach Gummi Rings! Consider us obsessed already!

Afraid of frustrating your barista with a complicated order? Don’t! Unlike the crazy Pink Drink ordered we shared earlier this week, the Orange Drink shouldn’t annoy your barista too much as it doesn’t require as many steps.

Here’s how to order the Orange Drink from Starbucks.

  • Order a Venti size drink that is half-sweet Black Tea Lemonade over ice
  • Add peach tea
  • Add a splash of soy milk

That’s it. That’ll do it. Enjoy! Be sure to share your thoughts about it with us! What did you think? Does it truly taste like Peach Gummi Rings or not? Close enough, maybe?

What is your favorite Starbucks secret menu drink so far? I’m still enjoying the Pennywise drink, it’s too delicious to give up any time soon.

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