Red Lobster debuts wildest beverage yet, The Jameson Irish Mudslide

Red Lobster new March drink, photo courtesy Red Lobster
Red Lobster new March drink, photo courtesy Red Lobster /

There’s never a shortage of surprise menu items at Red Lobster, but even their latest limited-edition drink is making us do a double take. Introducing, The Jameson Irish Mudslide.

Red Lobster is counting on the luck of the Irish this month with their new, limited-edition drink, The Jameson Irish Mudslide! Is it a beverage or a dessert? The answer is yes. In the true spirit of St. Patty’s Day, Red Lobster is keeping fans satisfied with this new crazy drink that tastes as unique as it looks.

It’s a boozy milkshake (so adults only, sorry kids), that features Jameson Irish Whiskey that is blended with Creme de Menthe (for that festive green color we love so much) and vanilla ice cream.

It’s served in a large glass that is also a collectible. You don’t know Red Lobster well if you think that’s all! The drink also has a Hershey’s chocolate swirl, comes with the restaurant’s signature brownie, whipped cream, and gold sugar crystals.

The Jameson Irish Mudslide is available now through Sunday, March 29, to guests who are 21-years and older only at Red Lobster. Will you be trying one of these out before they are gone?

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