SweeTARTS launches two new twisted rope flavors

Photo: Twisted Rainbow Punch SweeTARTS Ropes.. Image Courtesy SweeTARTS
Photo: Twisted Rainbow Punch SweeTARTS Ropes.. Image Courtesy SweeTARTS /

SweeTARTS is adding to their line of products with two new twisted rope flavors and we are here for this sweet and tart treat.

Did you grow up with SweeTARTS in your pocket? (No, just me?) If the answer is yes, or if you simply love the sweet and tart combination of flavors that bursts onto your tongue, then you are going to excited by the arrival of two new products that pack the fruity and tartness we come to expect from this candy.

According to a press release, SweeTARTS has not introduced two new flavors of twisted rope for us to nibble on. Up first there is the Twisted Rainbow Punch ropes, which are soft and chewy ropes that combine everything we love in the classic candy.

These Twisted Rainbow Punch ropes are full of fruity flavor with that tart bite running through the middle. The fact that these ropes are bendable means we can have some fun with them too, especially with the help of their vibrant colors. (I have no shame in admitting that I am a grown kid and I play with my candy ropes.)

However, SweeTARTS didn’t stop there, as they also introduced the Twisted Mixed Berry Ropes Bites, which brings us a whole new flavor burst. We are talking brilliant berry flavors mixed with a tangy center. In this rope, they twist together the flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry for a fresh and delicious candy bite every time.

Both of these new flavors come in four different size bags, making them easy to shove into your bag for on the go snacking or to share with friends (or not).

With bags for $3.99 or less, you can pick these up and nibble on nostalgia without too much guilt. And as someone who grew up loving the original SweeTARTS, I can’t wait to get my hands on both of these new Twisted Ropes flavors so I can enjoy that burst of tartness and fruity joy.

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What do you think of SweeTARTS introducing two new Twisted Ropes flavors? Which one will you be trying first? Tell us what you think in the comments.