Watch Nailed It! Season 4: Now streaming on Netflix

Foodies can’t get enough cooking competition shows, and Netflix is happy to deliver! Watch Nailed It! Season 4, now streaming.

A new season of Nailed It! is now streaming on Netflix. Will you be watching? The streaming titan recently broke into the reality series genre with Love is Blind and The Circle, but we also can’t forget about cooking competition shows! Nailed It! has always been one of our favorites, so we can’t wait to see what dishes contestants will be digging up this time.

As we all continue practicing social distancing, most of us are left to cook our own meals. Shocking, right? Though I personally still have been picking up to-go orders and ordering delivery, cooking is done a lot more around the house. This is why we all feel a lot of comfort watching cooking competition shows. It’s wholesome, fun, and it inspires a lot of ideas!

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Nailed It sees contestants try their best at creating elaborate cakes that they are obviously not able to put together. We watch them fail and enjoy it, but it’s all in good fun! Hosting and judging, are Jacques Toress and Nicole Byers.

If you love the new season, be sure to check out Nailed It! Mexicoa spin-off featuring Mexican contestants. Freshen up on your Spanish (you know you have the time) while also enjoying some interesting-looking dishes.

Ready to watch? Here are all the details: 

What: Nailed It! Season 4
When: Streams April 1
Where: Only on Netflix

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To watch you’ll need a Netflix account, which is pretty easy (and essential these days) to get! You’ll begin your access with a free trial so you can check out everything the streaming service has to offer.