Ice cream that makes you feel better? Re:THINK has done it

Photo Courtesy Re:Think Ice Cream
Photo Courtesy Re:Think Ice Cream /

If you like to eat more than the suggested serving of ice cream, you are going to love Re:THINK.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. Well, at least most of us. It’s ice cream time and a suggested serving size is basically a joke. Not to mention that in most cases, the amount they tell you is acceptable is not. But now, you can Re:THINK what you know about this classic indulgence.

I had the amazing opportunity to taste four flavors of Re:THINK ice cream. On a personal note, it was super cool that my treats came packed in dry ice! Now I have a free science lesson for my suddenly homeschooled kiddies. So imagine how extra amazing it was to taste this stuff and find out it was delicious.

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They sent me Coffee Hazelnut, Black Cherry Vanilla, Almond Asteroid, and Chocolate Majesty, but there are a total of 12 flavors at the moment.

When I realized what I was dealing with, I thought it was a good idea to get those kids I mentioned in for a focus group. I do this sometimes and it really gives an unfiltered review. For ice cream, it was a must.

All six of us tasted every flavor and discussed our thoughts. The general consensus was a mega win for Chocolate Majesty and Black Cherry Vanilla, tied with 5 votes each for “my top two.”

Chocolate Majesty was the biggest surprise for all of us. I’m sure everyone can imagine the challenge of making a healthy, indulgent chocolate ice cream. But I assure you, Re:THINK has done it. For me, it was maybe 8 out of 10 for creaminess.

I think one of the best points they make for you is to point out right on the packaging, (which is so cute and innovative, btw), that you should allow their ice creams to soften before enjoying. I believe this makes an incredible difference in the creamy factor.

Photo Courtesy Re:Think Ice Cream
Photo Courtesy Re:Think Ice Cream /

There is no trace of that icy crystal sensation that comes with so many low-this and low-that ice cream attempts. I found the Chocolate Majesty happily reminds me of pudding. I really enjoyed that because it’s a tad light in flavor but not in richness.

On the other hand, the Black Cherry Vanilla was my personal favorite. Yes, there were pieces of fruit in it (woohoo!). Yes, it was creamy, rich, and exactly true to black cherry ice cream. Period. For the record, all five kids agreed that this was amazing.

The Coffee Hazelnut was also a light flavor. I appreciated this because I’m not really a coffee drinker and, while I enjoy a hint of coffee, I do not enjoy the overwhelming coffee flavor hit you get out of most ice creams that say “coffee” on the container. There was no mistaking the coffee of this one, but I didn’t feel like I drank yesterday’s espresso. Yay!

Finally, we had Almond Asteroid. Yes, yes, yes! My favorite ice cream flavor happens to be pistachio. It has this almost cherry or rum raisin flavoring to it and that was something I immediately recognized in this nutty blend. They also carry a pistachio flavor I am super excited to try.

There were also pieces of nuts in this one and I did find them lingering a while after the ice cream was down the hatch. I’m going to be honest in saying I wasn’t a huge fan of that because the nuts seemed to hang out and be a bit dry on the tongue. For flavor though, it’s a big hit for me.

Now, you need to understand what makes these ice creams so very special because it’s not only the flavors. Re:THINK has found a way to incorporate some incredibly beneficial ingredients that are going to really blow your socks off if you’re into being healthy.

Do you see that list of benefits? Let me tell you how. One of the ingredients in these ice creams is organic agave syrup. There are also such things as: elderberry juice, green tea extract, cherry puree, and cream. That’s just a taste.

I could go on all day about my thoughts on Re:THINK ice cream but it’s important that you also understand why this all happened. On their website, creator George Haymaker III stated:

"Our mission is to make healthier ice cream with added health benefits that supports people’s active, healthy lifestyles. As part of my personal journey through addiction and into recovery, we also seek to give back and help others in need."

In addition to already partnering with schools and charities, Haymaker plans to use growing resources to help people working to turn their lives around. He has a special interest in those recovering from addiction and mental health challenges. And don’t forget the “four-legged friends.” He plans to give them a hand, too.

Having taken his own journey of recovery, he knows it involves constant work. He noticed when leaving alcohol behind, his body craved the sugar that alcohol used to provide. When he turned to his old childhood friend, ice cream, he realized that if he was going to keep it up, he had to do something different.

That’s when he started the adventure that has become Re:THINK. Now we can all take the benefit of his experience and he has really turned his own journey into a wild success story like few others. This is why he wants to reach out to those who are still on their trek.

In case you didn’t know, green tea is an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory by nature. This may not matter to everyone, but if you’re someone with any one of a long list of chronic conditions, it’s critical.

I am one of those people and have fully tailored my life to my condition. It goes without saying that this ice cream got me interested on a huge level. Even if you’re already in fabulous condition, you should still look into this and other incredibly beneficial plants.

All of the flavors from Re:THINK boast low sugar, low calories, no artificial sugar or sugar alcohol, and all natural ingredients. They’re also high in protein (I’m talking to you vegetarians!) Haymaker believes it’s possible and necessary for people to be able to indulge without doing harm to their bodies. We’re all just humans and people sometimes need that moment.

He knows more than anyone just how important our comfort can be in those times. Haymaker dreams of “A world consisting of harmony, empathy, and compassion.” I, for one, give my vote having a tub of Re:THINK on hand while I continue to walk that path.

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Re:THINK is available in stores and online right now. Check out their website to see where you can get some right this minute.

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