Factor partnered with Barry’s to give us deliciously empowering meals

Factor Joins Forces with Barry’s to Deliver Fitness and Flavor with the Power Your Potential Campaign
Factor Joins Forces with Barry’s to Deliver Fitness and Flavor with the Power Your Potential Campaign /

One thing that we love right now is meals delivered to our door. And thanks to Factor we can get delicious, healthy meals that are empowering delivered every single week.

Recently, Factor partnered with Barry’s to give us some amazing meals as part of their Power Your Potential Campaign. According to the press email that we received on behalf of the company,

"Factor is teaming up with Barry’s, the leading boutique fitness brand, to celebrate Barry’s 25th Anniversary by delivering the ultimate fusion of fitness and nutrition! The Power Your Potential partnership includes a limited-edition collection of co-branded revitalizing and nutritious meals and snacks, exhilarating Factor-themed Barry’s studio classes nationwide, along with complimentary 1:1 nutritionist sessions with Factor registered dietitians."

Factor and Barry’s teamed up for an empowering season of meals

We had the opportunity to try this collaboration, and we fell in love. This was our first introduction to Factor meals and to say that we were impressed, would be an understatement. These meals were so delicious and inspired, that I wanted to stock up on them. But the thing about Factor meals is that they are fresh, not frozen, which means there is no stocking up because you want the best experience possible. So you need to eat them as you get them.

If you want the opportunity to try this collaboration for yourself, this is the last chance to do it. That is because this is the final week to order for the delivery taking place November 4 to the 10.

"The last two co-branded meals are White Cheddar & Sour Cream Shredded Chicken with Parmesan Potatoes, Green Beans & Balsamic Mushrooms and Tandoori Chicken Thighs & Rice with Curry Roasted Potatoes & Cilantro-Mint Chutney."

Honestly, we want these meals, too, because they sound amazing. And if they are anything like the previous meals, you are in for a real treat. Of course, you will also be choosing normal Factor meals that are not part of the collaboration. And that’s OK! Anything that Factor has to offer is going to be a win, at least based on everything that we tried. And we tried a few of their meals.

We love meals, delivered to our door, and we especially love meals that we don’t have to put together. The fact that these are as simple as heating up in the microwave for about two minutes makes these a real star.

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