Watch Cooked With Cannabis: Now streaming on Netflix

A new cooking competition series is now streaming on Netflix for all your recipe and high needs, watch Cooked with Cannabis.

From reality to crime drama, Netflix continues to change the game in each genre! Up next is Cooked with Cannabisone of the most unique cooking competition shows we have seen on television! Here’s all you need to know about it and how to watch.

Singer-turned-chef Kelis Rogers and Portland-based chef Leather Storrs host Cooked with Cannabis. The competition series will go far beyond baking cookies and small treats with weed. We are talking three-course meals! To many viewers, this will be a new concept. Can marijuana-infused foods actually be good? Tune in to find out!

The streaming titan describes the series as “the most fun-filled, fascinating, and mouth-watering cooking competition series that gives a whole new meaning to word “baked.”‘ Boy, I’ll say!

Cooked With Cannabis consists of six episodes (a quick and easy binge) that runs about 40 minutes each. We’ll watch as three chefs bake against the clock to create a meal that’ll be worthy of the hosts and judges. Of course, the main ingredient in all dishes is weed.

How can you watch? You’ll need a Netflix account (or know someone who does) as the reality cooking competition show will only be streaming there. All episodes drop April 20, so grab some snacks and get ready to binge-watch all the episodes!

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This isn’t the first time Netflix dabbles in the world of weed and fine dining. If you have been paying attention, you likely remember the 2018 show Cooking on HighThis was the first show of its kind and both seem to be similar. Let’s hope Cooked With Cannabis is able to stand out. Will you be watching?

Cooked With Cannabis is now streaming on Netflix.