Good Good spreads are our jam: Ranking our favorite flavors

Good Good Jams, photo by Sandy C.
Good Good Jams, photo by Sandy C. /

Here at Guilty Eats, we love a delicious spread, and the brand Good Good spreads has some of the tastiest and most unique flavors!

When it comes to spreads, there are many brands and even more flavors, it’s difficult to choose just one! What most of us do is just rely on generic jam brands such as such as Welch’s and Smuckers. It’s definitely easier, but is it the best? There are so many other options out there, and in this feature we’re highly recommending Good Good spreads.

If you have never given any other spread outside of generic brands a try, you are missing out! Exploring the world of spreads and jams can be as adventurous as discovering your new favorite meal! Recently, Good Good sent over some of their jams to us, and my family and I absolutely love them!

Right away, we popped some bread into the toaster to sample all the flavors. Let’s just say it was a fun dinner treat. In the morning, we also tried the Good Good spreads on waffles and pancakes. Below, we’ll go over some facts about Good Good spreads and rank my favorite flavors.

Good Good Jams
Good Good Jams, photo by Sandy C. /
  1. Sweet Blueberry Jam
  2. Sweet Strawberry Jam
  3. Sweet Apricot Jam
  4. Choco Hazel with Stevia
  5. Sweet Raspberry Jam

What I love the most about these is that they are made with real fruit, contain very little calories, and have no added sugar! As a mom, this is pretty important to me. As much as you try to keep all sugar away from kids, it will always find its way to their teeth! Good Good spreads contains no sugar and they are still so delicious, so this is a major win in my book.

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Trying out keto while on quarantine? These jams are all keto-friendly! I rank the flavors above, naming Sweet Blueberry Jam. my favorite from the bunch. Strawberry is a close second, I love simple, delicious flavors.

As you can see, the Belgian Choco Hazel spread also made its way to my list, settling for No. 4 because it’s just too good! This one does have a higher calorie count (100) and 2 grams of sugar per serving, but this still comes lower than regular chocolate hazelnut spread, which is about 19 gram of sugar and over 200 calories.

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The jams are best on toast, while I enjoyed the Choco Hazel spread on waffles the best! What will you be trying these on? It’s all up to you! All I’m saying is that you should pair it with a hot coffee! Thank me later. 

Find out more about Good Good and order some today, HERE!