Vancouver bakery offering a quick tutorial on making Brioche bread

Baking at home is so trendy these days with us all being stuck at home. Why not try this classic french recipe for Brioche from a Vancouver bakery that is so easy you won’t believe it?

If you’re getting sick of making traditional bread and other baked goods, Betty Hung, co-owner of Beaucoup Bakery in Vancouver, hears you and she is here to offer you this easy and traditional french recipe for some Brioche bread that you won’t believe its simplicity. It’s a two-minute tutorial that Vancouver’s best bakery has come out with and people are going crazy for it!

This particular bakery in Vancouver is known for their traditional French-style pastries. If you ever find yourselves here, almost everyone recommends to try the butter croissants and/or the pain au chocolat.

Hung, co-owner of Beaucoup Bakery, began baking at an early age when she discovered just how fun and rewarding taking innocent simple ingredients and turning them into delicious and traditional French baked goods just was!

Want a taste of this French-style pastry in the comfort of your own home and kitchen? Well, lucky for you, the bakery is offering a look at how they make this classic bread.

You can go ahead and check out the video right here:

After watching this video and reading all about this amazing bakery out in Vancouver, Canada, you may be wondering what exactly a Brioche bread is. Brioche is one of the most soft and fluffiest bread loaves out there in any bakery! It’s got this delicious and light buttery flavor as well! YUM!

This is one of those pastries that is just fine on its own. However, eating a piece of Brioche bread along side a nice hot cup of coffee is my personal favorite way to eat this and combine it with something. Being Italian (or any type of European, really), pastries aren’t sweet, and neither are breakfasts, so bread and coffee was a classic when I went out to visit family even at the age of just three years old!

Brioche roughly takes forty minutes to bake, which is a heck of a lot shorter than most other bread recipes, so this bread can be made on a time budget.

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If you find yourselves bored of the usual recipes or baking items that you’re making, give this one a try and let us know how easy it was and just how delicious it was as well! We’d love to know that!

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