Summer: 10 food-themed pool floats that everyone needs

With Summer fast-approaching, we’re all thinking about jumping in the pool and soaking up some sun. These food-themed pool floats will have us never wanting to leave the water!

Summer is coming upon us quicker than we can imagine. We all know someone who has a pool, if we don’t have one ourselves. Sure, pool noodles and other floaties are all fine and dandy, but what about some sick food-themed pool floats? The next 10 pool floats that you will see, will have you wanting to stay in the water all day and bask in the sun.

Right now, the world could use a little smile, and let me tell you, these pool floats will help us have some fun at home (both in the pool and online shopping for them) while we’re stuck at home.

Giant Watermelon

Found At: Target (online only)
Price: $59.99

You might be thinking, holy cow that’s expensive. When you look at the size of this thing, you’ll realize just why it’s so pricey. This thing is a whopping 72 inches in size, and can fit multiple people on it! It reminds me of a real watermelon: green rim, red interior, even down to the small black seeds!


Found At: Target (in-store and online)
Price: $20.00

This bubbly pool float is sold by the company Sun Squad that sells quite a few of their floating products at many and most Target (and similar) stores. It’s the perfect excuse to match your drink with your pool float! Why the heck not, am I right?

Ice Cream Sandwich

Found At: Amazon
Price: $32.89 (on sale from $39.99; not sure how long the sale lasts though)

Sold by BigMouth Inc on Amazon, this pool float will be the perfect thing to cool you down in the Summer in more ways than one! Oh! And while you’re at it, take a bit out of the actual food to match your float too!

Tootsie Roll

Found At: Amazon
Price: $14.99

This one on the list is more like a pool noodle to get a little variety here. This is the perfect sized float for kids and adults alike, and is perfect to keep your body fully in the pool, with your arms chilling on top of it! And on top of all of that, it looks exactly like a classic favorite chocolate candy that we all know and love!

Fried Egg

Found At: Amazon
Price: $29.99

This float is the perfect size for both you and your friends and significant others to lie on together. It’s got two little seats (the yolks) that are perfect size to sit out and lounge around in any sized pool!

Bomb Pop

Found At: Amazon
Price: $9.99 (on sale from $12.99; not sure how long the sale lasts though)

This float, sold by Sol Coastal, is a 5-foot sized float that is perfect to lounge around in. Best part? The popsicle never melts, so you can lie out there for as long as you please and go through as many actual Bomb Pop Popsicles as your little heart desires!


Found At: Amazon
Price: $19.99

This pool float is the perfect size to lie completely flat out and enjoy the sun rays above you! It’s shaped like one of America’s favorite foods and will have you wishing you had a plate of bacon besides you, if you don’t already do, that’s for dang sure!


Found At: Party City
Price: $10.00

This giant pool float surely does put a twist on Summer fun ahead of us! This pool float is the absolute perfect size to either squeeze yourself through the little pretzel holes (there are 3 of them), or lying out on top of it coasting along, whichever you choose! Try fitting a person in each hole in the pool float for even more fun, if that’s possible of course!

Hot Dog

Found At: Amazon
Price: $34.99

Again, much like the bacon pool floats, is the absolute perfect size to lie out on and just simply enjoy the sun! Have a hot dog too while floating on one in the pool beneath you! This pool float just screams Summer for me! The perfect meal and pool float alike, so go grab yourself one of each if you’ve got the chances at hand over here!


Found At: Walmart
Price: $57.57

Sure, this pool float seems a bit expensive, but it still looks just as delicious if not more! This is the perfect supreme slice of Pizza that’ll have you craving the whole real thing. If you don’t crave pizza while you’re floating in the water then something’s wrong.

*Disclaimer: There’s only select few left at certain Walmarts (only 1 by me in Vernon Hills, IL), but you can find pizza floats just about anywhere, including Amazon and Target and Party City online and in-person stores as well! Just as a super quick note here!*

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As you can clearly see from all of these pool floats listed and talked about above, we will all be busy this Summer, both online shopping and floating on our favorite foods in the pool! Have a personal favorite on this list of ours?

Have you seen one even cooler that we missed on our list? Let us know down in the comments below and let’s chat! Can’t wait to hear from you all!