Milkcow offering watermelon ice cream sandwich and we’re very jealous

Toronto’s Milkcow has brought back their watermelon ice cream sandwich and it  looks amazing.

Is there a better way to beat the heat during the summer than by eating some ice cream. Not really. The only thing that can top it is a delicious ice cream sandwich! Two cookies with ice cream in the middle? Yes, please.

But a restaurant in Toronto is updating the ice cream sandwich in a very unique way. They’re putting soft serve ice cream between slices of watermelon! Excuse me while I drool. I’m very upset I never thought to do this.

Milkcow, an ice cream chain that first started in Asia but has multiple locations across Canada and the US, is now offering watermelon ice cream sandwiches at their Toronto location for a limited time.

But it’s not just the watermelon slices that give it that fruity flavor, the soft serve ice cream in the middle is also watermelon-flavored. Yum!

It’s available now and according to an employee interviewed by Narcity, these limited edition items last around two months. So if you want one, you have until about August to get your hands on this cool creation.

Milkcow in Toronto is offering watermelon ice cream sandwiches now thru the summer.

There are a few Milkcow franchises in the U.S., but it’s unclear whether this will be available here or not. When it came out last year, you could get it at the U.S. locations. Hopefully, that is true later this year as well (fingers crossed). For now, Toronto people have it made.

If you do live in Toronto, you can only get one of these sandwiches via in-store pickup. While Milkcow does offer delivery via Uber Eats for some of it’s ice cream concoctions, it doesn’t seem like that’s an option for the watermelon ice cream sandwich.

Also, I’m not gonna lie…I’m totally thinking about trying to make this at home. It won’t be with soft serve, but when you’re bored and desperate, shoving hard frozen ice cream in between two slices of watermelon seems like a great idea. And I sadly don’t have a Milkcow near me.

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Does this watermelon ice cream sandwich look good to you? Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below!

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