Barefoot is ready for Pride month with their limited-edition wine bottles

Barefoot Releases Limited-Edition Pride Packaging Collection. Image Courtesy Barefoot
Barefoot Releases Limited-Edition Pride Packaging Collection. Image Courtesy Barefoot /

Early in May, Barefoot launched a limited edition collection of wine bottles to honor Pride Month.

It’s not exactly news that Barefoot wines has decided to honor Pride month, which kicks off on June 1, by launching a limited edition collection of bottles. The Pride collection features bottles of wine that have gorgeous rainbows wrapped around them.

With so many people not able to gather for Pride parades and marches, you may be looking for a new way to celebrate, and that’s where Barefoot comes in. What better way is there to cheer the accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community than with wine? Perhaps with bottles of wine that are showing off their pride.

There are four bottles of Barefoot bubbly to choose from, and with each of them offering gorgeous rainbows in unique prints, you may want to collect them all.

Barefoot is celebrating Pride month with rainbow bottles.

As a fan of Barefoot wines, I am in love with this limited edition collection. In fact, I am tempted to snag all four bottles, no matter what flavor I may be grabbing (and since they are all the same flavor, this is probably a good thing). I can easily see these bottles of wine being a collectors favorite addition to their wine fridge.

The Pride bottles from Barefoot for this year feature their Bubbly Brut Rosé, which bursts with amazing flavors. We are talking about a sparkling wine that packs in flavors of pomegranate, cherries, and raspberries. These flavors are then finished off with hints of citrus, apple, and nectarines.

Basically, this is a wine for those of us who like bubbly with plenty of fruity notes. And the fact that these bottles support the LGBTQ+ community, while also giving us delicious flavors, makes this a must have in terms of wine.

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Are you snagging these limited edition Barefoot wine bottles for yourself? Will you be celebrating with this bubbly or saving it for later? Tell us what you think in the comments.