Try these S’mores stuffed Oreos to make your camping dreams come true

If you love Oreos and S’mores, try making this creation at home

This is probably going to be one of the simplest snacks you can make all in the comfort of your own home. If the weather is rainy, or you just simply don’t like to (or can’t) go camping, but you love all things S’mores and Oreos related, then this snack will be your new go-to late night binge whenever you’re craving some good ole chocolate.

There’s not too much to this recipe at all, really. In fact, you might already have some or all of these ingredients in your pantry and cupboards already!

All you need are three simple things as follows: Oreos, Hershey’s (or your favorite) chocolate bar, and Marshmallows!

Don’t have marshmallows at home, but have some Fluff in the back of your pantry? Use the Fluff instead. Don’t have chocolate bars but have some chocolate syrup ice cream topping, you can even use that.  Yes, that’s it! And the way to make these is also just as simple as getting the ingredients.

So how do you make s’mores stuffed Oreos?

Check out the video from Good Housekeeping below to see how to make these treats:

How to Make S'moreos

S'mores + OREOs = love at first bite. 😍Full recipe via Delish:

Posted by Good Housekeeping on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

S’mores and Oreos lovers alike, I think, will agree that this simple go-to snack just combines some of the best flavors and flavor combos out there.

What’s wrong with chocolate and marshmallows? Absolutely nothing! I mean, come on. If you ever find yourself bored at home and a little pokey with what snacks to eat, whip up these sweet and simple treats to satisfy any cravings and/or that sweet tooth.

If you try these out or have already, let us know how they are as we’d love to know. Do you like S’mores flavored Oreos and think that this little hack can live up to them? Let us know down in the comments below!