Ben & Jerry: Netflix’s Space Force-themed ice cream flavor is out of this world

Ben & Jerry’s is at it again with a brand new ice cream flavor that’s out of this world

Ben & Jerry’s is at it again with yet another new flavor based on something pop culture-related, and, honestly, we can’t wait to try it! This new and upcoming flavor is called “Boots on the Moooo’n” and it sounds out of this world.

The flavor is based on the brand new Netflix series called Space Force, which gives “Netflix and Chill” a whole new meaning.

This new series debuted on May 29, so go and find yourself a pint to watch and enjoy all at the same time!

What’s in this brand new ice cream flavor will knock your socks off and have you getting in your car immediately to get yourself some to try. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Toffee (meteor) Clusters
  • Fudge (cows)
  • Sugar Cookie Core

There’s something even cooler about this Ben & Jerry’s flavor

On top of all of the excitement of an added element, each time you take a bite or spoonful of this ice cream with the Sugar Cookie flavored Core, this ice cream is the first ever to enter the stratosphere (for real this time)!

Lucky for us though, we don’t have to go into the stratosphere in order to get our hands on some. Pints of this beauty can be found on grocery store and convenience store shelves near you for that cold, sweet, and delicious treat that you were craving wishing for. As they said, “Houston, we have zero problems with that!”

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If you plan on trying this particular new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, let us know down in the comments below what you thought of it, and how it compares to some of their other gems of flavors!

Also, for a quick poll here: What is the best Ben & Jerry’s flavor out there, and which would you wish to eliminate for good?