State Fairs have been cancelled but food booths are doing something about it

State Fairs may be cancelled, but the food booths are still opening.

It’s with very heavy hearts that most state fairs have decided to cancel, leaving many fair-goers sad and already counting down the days until next year’s 2021 round of State and County Fairs. Of course, owners of food booths will also be missing the fairs this year, but lucky for us, some are still finding ways to open and serve customers!

Some state fair food vendors, mainly in the midwest at least, are finding parking lots big enough for all of their booths, and serving customers like that (of course, still abiding by current CDC standards, rules, and regulations). While it’s unfortunate that this whole pandemic had to cancel a lot of different things with state fairs among them, people are still finding ways to enjoy such events in a different manner.

State Fairs might be closed, but you can still enjoy Fried Oreos with friends

One example of people who are really stepping up to the plate would be those food vendors that are typically serving at the Minnesota State Fair. They are setting up shop in parking lots within the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota, and even moving into parts of Wisconsin as well! In fact, there’s even a Facebook Group called Minnesota State Fair Food Finder which already has over 30,000 members in it.

While tons and tons of people missing state fairs this year will show up to these mini events, it’s still okay to go, just make sure that you are practicing safety measures and keeping distance, especially with the people that you are not traveling with.

All in all, I think this is a great idea! Another thing that might also be a cool idea, would be to contact some of the most popular food vendors and see how far they are willing to deliver or cater to some at-home events.

Another cool thing that the Lake County Fair is doing is having some online competitions, that you can check out right over here!

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What’s your all-time favorite fair food and why? Would you still head to parking lots to get your hands on your favorite fair food? Tell us in the comments below.

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