Summer drinks: Royalty Spirits launches CBD-Infused Mixers

Royalty Spirits launches CBD-Infused Mixers and it’s s must-have this summer season

Chaunci King, the first African American woman to own a spirits company, has launched CBD-infused mixers. King founded Royalty Spirits in 2013 with Miru 80 Proof Pear Vodka, we got a sample of it and can see why this beverage launched Royalty Spirits, it’s a fine and rich debut!

In a time where it’s more important than ever to support black innovators, Chaunci King is one trailblazer to keep in mind. She is the first African American woman to own a spirits company in the Pacific Northwest, having found Royalty Spirits, Rex Whiskey, and Miru Vodka.

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Recently we had the change to sample three of these beverages and they are a delight! Though I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey, I found Rex Whiskey to be rather smooth. But my favorite is the Miru 80 Proof Pear Vodka.

Royalty Spirits new CBD-infused drinks. Image Courtesy Royalty Spirits

More about Royalty Spirits and new CBD-infused mixers

The new CBD-infused mixers from Royalty Spirits can be found HERE. Though I didn’t sample these mixers, the press release shares that they are perfect for any occasion, and go well with a cocktail or even tea.

During these difficult times, these do sound like the perfect drinks to unwind with after a rough day at work (or just relaxing at home). The CBD-infused mixers from Royalty Spirits couldn’t come at a better time when social distancing is still being practiced.

Right now, using the code BLM, you can buy one mixer and get one 50% off.

More from Royalty Spirits: “Our Vanilla Ginger Simple Syrup, Sweet & Sour and Exotic Berry mixers are infused with 25MG of the purest broad-spectrum CBD in the United State!”

You can learn more about Royalty Spirits HERE, also be sure to check out Rex Whiskey and Miru Vodka.