The pumpkin pie Kit Kat is back this Halloween

Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova
Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova /

Kit Kat bringing back pumpkin pie flavor this Halloween

We might still be in the middle of summer but candy companies are already bringing out their Halloween candy. In fact, the pumpkin pie Kit Kat has already been seen in stores! Yes, Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year, but let us enjoy summer first, please! Back to school time has barely started.

Besides that, I’m also skeptical about what exactly this tastes like. According to Markie_devo on Instagram, it has more of a nutmeg or cinnamon flavor versus the chocolate of the regular Kit Kat. I think the disconnect for me is that when you look at a Kit Kat, you expect chocolate and crunch and getting a pumpkin-like flavor instead makes me wary.

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But as these are back for a second year, it seems they’ve been a hit. The pumpkin/cinnamon flavor with the crispy crunch of the wafers definitely gives the feeling of pie.

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat already seen in stores

And it’s not just the candy that’s sporting a pumpkin flavor and orange color, the packaging has been updated for the holiday as well.

The wrappers are yellow and orange with brown and orange leaves and branches while the bag sports a slice of pumpkin pie (of course).

Whether you can find these in a store near you depends on where you live and whether the store has decided to throw caution to the wind and put out their Halloween candy already. When it gets closer to the spooky holiday, these are likely to be everywhere. And as they are a limited edition item, you need to stock up on them while you can.

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What do you think of these pumpkin pie Kit Kats? Have you tried them? Let us know in the comments below!