This Breyers x Cinnabon collaboration is everything we need this summer

Breyers Cinnabon_Waffle Taco Shot. Image Courtesy Breyers® and Cinnabon®
Breyers Cinnabon_Waffle Taco Shot. Image Courtesy Breyers® and Cinnabon® /

Breyers collaborates with Cinnabon for an epic summer experience

Ice cream and cinnamon rolls might not seem like they would be a perfect match, but the reality is that they really are the ultimate collaboration for this summer. And that’s why this current Breyers x Cinnabon collab is everything we need to make National Ice Cream Day on July 19 fun, decadent, and tasty.

As part of this amazing collaboration, both Breyers and Cinnabon created three recipes to allow us to enjoy their Breyers Cinnabon Ice Cream in a new and creative way. From an ice cream stuffed waffle taco to an Affogato, these recipes are inspired and easy to create.

If you love ice cream and cinnamon rolls, not only should you be enjoying the Breyers Cinnabon collaboration, but you’ll also want to add in a fresh baked waffle taco (made with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls!) or even their cinnamon roll ice cream cone.

Cinnabon and Breyers collaborated to make summer delicious

However, while we now have some epic recipes to follow, the star of the show really is the ice cream itself. So what makes the Breyers Cinnabon flavor so delicious? Probably the fact that this is frozen dairy dessert that features pieces of dough bites and swirls of cinnamon throughout.

Honestly, this is a cinnamon lovers delight! Not only does it smell exactly like a cinnamon roll, but it is loaded with those flavors all the way.

You can find this treat at stores nationwide, and it should cost you around $3.99. Basically, this is the perfect dessert to make summer tasty and special, and we are here for that. And if you actually go all in on making the Breyers Cinnabon Waffle Tacos with a drizzle of caramel over the ice cream, as well as pieces of toasted pecans, then you know that you are going to be the winner of summer for sure.

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Have fun with this collaboration and make sure to tell us what you think in the comments. And if you happen to make the cinnamon roll ice cream cone or the waffle taco, share pictures with us on social media!