Arby’s new beer battered fish sandwich review: Exciting while still classic

Arby’s has decided to improve the regular fish sandwich. Everyone who enjoys a good fish sandwich is better off for it.

Arby’s has a special just for those fast food fish lovers amongst us. As the company has been continuously doing, they are out to show they can do more than just a roast beef sandwich. The company’s new beer-battered fish sandwich is a new take on an old idea.

Now available nationwide for a limited time, this new sandwich puts previous fast food fish sandwiches to shame. It also continues their trend of delivering a variety of proteins in a way that is both fresh and indulgent.

Arby’s is hoping to everyone will find their fish sandwich more elevated than the traditional fast food fish sandwich. The sandwich brings some different elements not normally done with fast food while not skimping on the size of your fish fillet.

Arby’s has opted to use a cod fillet as the base protein for this sandwich, but the batter is what truly makes the sandwich different. It is a beer batter coating which Arby’s says actually includes real beer.

This makes for a light and crispy coating to the fish. This is far different from some of the traditional bread crumb or simple flour coatings we have seen from other fast food establishments.

Do you want to know what else is good about the beer-battered fish sandwich?

The sandwich is completed with the tarter sauce which is intended to be on both top and bottom bun. You will also find pickles, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce on each sandwich. All of this is sandwiched in between a brioche bun. All of this adds up to a tasty sandwich not normally seen at many fast food restaurants.

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The beer-battered fish is the latest addition to Arby’s limited-time menu. Feel free to pair it with other limited-time items such as the sweet potato waffle fries and either a Coke or Barq’s Root Beer float. You could also be extra indulgent by adding an orange cream shake to finish off your meal.