Pepperidge Farm makes breakfast a little easier with their new lineup

Breakfast just got a little easier thanks to Pepperidge Farm!

With back to school time on the horizon, now is the time to start looking for easy to make breakfast items! Now, school will look different this year, but breakfast doesn’t have to. The classics are still a long time favorite of tired students everywhere. Pepperidge Farm has created three, brand new breakfasts breads – perfect for everyone in your household!

Pepperidge Farm is known for their high quality items. Over the years my family and I have enjoyed their cookies – and I’m a die hard fan of Goldfish. I’ve also enjoyed their various swirl breads (here’s looking at you, Baked Apple with Caramel) through the years. Now they’re proud to present to voracious eaters these three, exciting new bread varieties:

  • Raisin & Oats: A hearty bread featuring the best breakfast has to offer.
  • Berry Sunflower: This flavor will keep summer alive long after the season has ended!
  • Lemon Poppy: This sensationally sweet bread is perfect for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

These breads are perfect for breakfast anytime of the year!

You can enjoy these plain, or you can add your own toppings to create an epic start to your morning. Try adding your favorite nut butter spread to any of the above! I personally like Nutella on top of Berry Sunflower, topped with fresh sliced strawberries. Raisin & Oats pairs well with a nice bold coffee, while Lemon Poppy is perfect with  a little butter and sugar on top.

This new line fits in well with the rest of the Pepperidge Farm family. Here’s hoping they release more innovative and delicious flavors to the lineup! Plus, you don’t have to enjoy these just at breakfast. These are perfect anytime of the day!

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Interested in trying these? You can find them nationwide at your favorite grocery store or Wal-Mart for only $3.99!

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