Here are the 5 versions of Nailed It! we can watch once we finish the original baking competition on Netflix

Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix
Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix /

Netflix delivers more Nailed It! with the help of these 5 spin-offs

Are you a fan of cooking and baking competitions? Have you binge watched all four seasons of Nailed It! on Netflix already? Then you may want to check out the five spin-off shows that also give the spotlight to amateur bakers trying to create decadent and elaborate desserts.

One thing that is important to note about most of these spin-offs is that they are not all in English. In fact, only one of the Nailed It! spin-off shows is even hosted by Nicole Byer, our hostess with the mostest. But none of that changes the fact that all five of these Netflix baking shows are a blast to watch.

5 versions of Nailed It! to watch on Netflix after you finish the original

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5. Nailed It! Holiday! 

On this list, Nailed It! Holiday! is the only one that is perhaps a direct spin-off of the original Netflix series. It not only features Nicole Byer as the host of the show, but Jacques Torres is once again judge for this holiday version of the baking competition.

While there are only two seasons of this festive baking experience, we can certainly keep our fingers crossed for another round of epic fails in the kitchen.

4. ¡Nailed it! México

One of the first spin-offs of the Netflix baking competition to go international, ¡Nailed it! México took the baking competition into Mexico with the help of the comedian, Omar Chaparro. Chaparro hosted the first of the spin-offs and made the show just as much fun as the original.

And if you are a fan of baking shows, and have a penchant for watching a lot of Food Network programming, then you may recognize one of the guest judges who turned up in the first season, as the iconic American baker Sylvia Weinstock joined the fun.

3. Nailed It! France

France may be known for their pastries, but Nailed It! France proves that not every French baker is a genius in the kitchen. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this version of the series is how much fun it is to see these home bakers doing their best to create iconic pastries and basically not doing so great.

And yes, our man Jacques Torres joins the fun as a special guest judge, bringing the original magic of Nailed It! to the French spin-off.

2. Nailed It! Spain

Our third international Nailed It! competition to arrive on Netflix is none other than Nailed It! Spain, and I this might be one of my favorite versions of the series. I’m not sure if it is because of the epic desserts being recreated or just the fact that it was just as bright and vibrant as we would expect from a Nailed It! show, but this was such a fun series to binge watch.

Some of the bakers in this series almost seemed like they knew what they were doing, although maybe that’s because we could never create some of these amazing baked creations.

1. Nailed It! Germany

The latest spin-off of the Netflix baking competition is Nailed It! Germany, which dropped in January 2020. And it was so much fun to watch, even as it was also nail-biting at times.

This is another fun watch and one we hope gets another season, because we need even more of these baking fails.

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If you are loving watching home bakers attempting to create masterpieces out of flour, fondant, sugar and icing, then you need to give all of the Nailed It! shows on Netflix a watch. Even if it requires captions or voice overs, it is totally worth tuning in to these international versions of the epic baking competition.