Has the Queen of England ever eaten pizza?

Has the Queen of England ever eaten pizza?

Pizza, in some form or another, is a staple in a lot of different cultures. It might not be the food of England, but I’m 100% sure British people are eating it just as much as Americans. But is it possible that Queen Elizabeth II has never eaten at least one piece of pizza?

According to the former royal chef, Darren McGrady, the Queen is not only not a fan of pizza, but during his 15 years as chef at Buckingham Palace, he never saw her eat it. Could she have secretly had pizza brought into the palace?

Has she eaten it while traveling? Did she sneak out one night when she was having a craving?  Considering how secretive the royal family is, we will probably never know.

But she may be the only one in the family that hasn’t eaten it. McGrady also said that he frequently made pizza for Prince William when, in his last four years as royal chef, he went from Buckingham to Kensington Palace to cook for Princess Diana and her sons, William and Harry.

The royal chef never made pizza for Queen Elizabeth II

How the Queen could resist the cheesy, saucy, carb-goodness of pizza, I will never know. She clearly has more willpower than most of us. Or maybe it’s the messiness that she doesn’t like? At least in the public eye, she seems very prim and proper and probably wouldn’t be in love with eating with her hands.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wasn’t even sure when she was asked about the Queen and the cheesy food. In 2019, she made homemade pizza with kids in the Islington community garden and was asked if the Queen had ever had it.

She said, “You know, that’s such a good question. I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe next time I see her, shall I ask?”

Whether she asked her or not, most likely, we will never find out. Another mystery of life.

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What do you think would be the Queen’s favorite pizza topping? Let us know in the comments below!