Panda Express releases limited edition candle

Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express
Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express /

Panda Express comes out with Honey Sesame Chicken Breast candle

Of all the places to put out a candle, I think Panda Express is definitely one of the more surprising ones. I honestly would have suspected Pizza Hut to put out a candle before the fast-food Chinese restaurant. But here we are! Panda Express has released their new Honey Sesame Chicken Breast candle.

Why did they do this? This is the seventh time the Honey Sesame Chicken Breast has been put back on the menu and to celebrate that, they decided to let all of us buy a candle that smells like the fan-favorite meal from the restaurant.

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Speaking of smells, what exactly does this smell like? It got its inspiration from the crispy chicken and sesame honey sauce of the dish so I’m guessing it smells slightly sweet for the honey and hopefully, like the dish is cooking in your kitchen.

Panda Express brings out new Honey Sesame Chicken Breast merchandise

I don’t know how you get the smell of cooking chicken into a candle, but if they did, kudos to them! Now, you can have the smell and you don’t have to do any of the work of cooking!

The candle is currently available on Panda Express’s website for $28. But that’s not the only thing you can buy. The candle is part of a whole collection of Honey Sesame Chicken Breast merchandise.

There is also a onesie, socks, a t-shirt, a mask, and (I swear this is true) a blazer. The blazer is covered in pictures of chicken, green beans, yellow peppers, orange hearts, and honey dippers. It’s currently $60 on the website. If you have the confidence to wear it, good for you!

As they have limited quantities of everything, get your candle or blazer while you can.

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What do you think of the new Panda Express candle? Would you buy it? What do you think of all these restaurants putting out candles? Let us know in the comments below!