Moe’s is celebrating 20 years by taking their Homewrecker Burrito even bigger

Moe’s Goes BIG with 2-lb Burrito & Sweepstakes to Celebrate 20th Birthday. Image Courtesy Moe's
Moe’s Goes BIG with 2-lb Burrito & Sweepstakes to Celebrate 20th Birthday. Image Courtesy Moe's /

Moe’s celebrates 20 years with an upsized Homewrecker

If there is one dish that we think of when it comes to Moe’s Southwest Grill, it would have to be the Homewrecker Burrito. This burrito is basically a pound of deliciousness on a plate, stuffed full of rice, beans, your choice of protein (think steak, chicken, pork, etc), cheese, and guacamole. And now, in honor of their 20th anniversary, the Homewrecker is getting an upgrade.

According to a press email about their 20 year celebration, Moe’s is making their Homewrecker Burrito 100 percent bigger. This means that the upsized burrito will weigh in at an impressive two pounds, while measuring out to approximately eight inches! Seriously this thing is a beast.

Dubbed the Grande Homewrecker, Moe’s is offering this celebratory burrito starting at just $9.99 (depending on everything from what protein you choose or what additional fillings you add to the mix) at participating locations. And yes, since this is an anniversary special, it is only around for a limited time as well. Apparently we will only get the chance to enjoy this epic burrito until Oct. 6.

Moe’s Goes BIG with 2-lb Burrito & Sweepstakes to Celebrate 20th Birthday. Image Courtesy Moe’s /

Moe’s is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a big way

Of course, they aren’t stopping with an upsized Homewrecker Burrito either. And according to Chew Boom, they are also offering a special giveaway for their reward members. It seems that 650 members of the Moe’s Rewards program will win free burritos for an entire year!

Basically, in order to enter this giveaway, you get one entry for every time you check into a Moe’s location. There will also be free burritos given away in the app throughout the month of September.

So how will you know that you won burritos for an entire year? The news will be sent to you via the app on Oct. 6, which is also the final day that the Grande Homewrecker Burrito will be available.

But wait, there’s even more Moe’s news to keep in mind! September 20 is also National Queso Day, which means that Moe’s will be celebrating with free cups of their queso for rewards members.

Basically all this to say that September is the month of Moe’s Southwest Grill and we are here for it. From taking their Homewrecker Burrito up a size to offering free queso and even free burritos, this is definitely the right time to head to Moe’s.

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What do you think of the Grande Homewrecker? Are you going to attempt to eat one of these massive burritos? Will you be checking in as a rewards member to get your hands on free queso or the possibility of free burritos? Let us know in the comments.