Pillsbury brings the magic with their two new Funfetti frostings

Pillsbury Funfetti Mermaid Frosting. Image Courtesy Pillsbury
Pillsbury Funfetti Mermaid Frosting. Image Courtesy Pillsbury /

Pillsbury brings the sweet magic with two new Funfetti frostings

When it comes to baking at home, there is nothing more fun than Funfetti. And considering the different products that Pillsbury offers in the Funfetti line, we love getting the chance to have some fun and enjoy all the delicious sweetness that the company has to offer.

In a press email from the company, we learned about the latest addition to the Pillsbury Baking family, and we could not be more excited!

Pillsbury has officially launched two new Funfetti Frostings, each representing a magical creature that we love finding incorporated into our foodie adventures. So what exactly are these two new frostings?

Pillsbury introduces new Funfetti Llama and Mermaid Frostings

That’s right! Pillsbury is giving a llama frosting and a mermaid frosting! And not only that, but they are both colorful and flavorful too.

That’s because we are getting a Funfetti Llama Love Purple Vanilla Frosting, as well as a Funfetti Mermaid Pink Strawberry Frosting. With one frosting being a delightful lavender shade of purple, while the other is a more delicate pink, every cake, cupcake, or cookie decorated with these frostings will bring a pop of color to the occasion.

Of course, there is so much more to these frostings than just their color and flavor, as each frosting comes complete with their own unique set of sprinkles. For our llama inspired frosting we get sprinkles shaped like llamas, as well as yellow, purple, and even blue sequin sprinkles. Finally our mermaid frosting comes complete with mermaid tail sprinkles in a purple color, as well as sprinkles in both silver and blue.

If ever there was a time to enjoy some at-home baking, now would be the time. Not only because of these awesome frostings, but also because this is the season when we want all the baked goods!

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Are you excited about the release of these new Funfetti frostings? Which flavor are you looking forward to trying? Tell us in the comments.