Arby’s is selling meat by the pound at select locations

General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's)
General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's) /

Love the meat at Arby’s so much you need it by the pound? Here’s where you can buy some!

While I can’t say Arby’s is my go-to fast food restaurant for my fast food cravings, I do stop by here and there for a tasty sandwich. But never have I wished to take home Arby’s meat by the pound.

Hey, to each their own! If you enjoy the deli meat from Arby’s so much you want to take some home to make sandwiches, we’re not judging. In fact, we’re here to help you out by giving you all the details you need to know, including the location to where you can purchase.

Where to go for Arby’s meat by the pound?

Unfortunately, not every restaurant location is offering meat by the pound. According to Fox Business, your best chances are in Atlanta.

The source shares that select Atlanta locations are testing out something new: Deli Meat-by-the-Pound! This is something very new that, if it goes well in Atlanta, will expand to other markets. Where to? We’re not sure, but outside of Atlanta and possibly near you.

The Deli Meat-by-the-Pound initiative offers customers three meat options, roast turkey, pit-smoked ham, and New York-style corned beef. Each is available for $8.99 for the pound or $4.99 for half a pound.

Is one of the available meats in the Deli Meat-by-the-Pound initiative one of your favorites? I do love the roast turkey! If you are in the Atlanta area, stop by at a participating location! They are available via the drive-thru.

Patrick Schwing, Arby’s chief marketing officer states that this idea came from Arby’s wanting to help better serve their customers.

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