Season 11 of The Great British Baking Show due later this year

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Like everything else this year, the premiere of Season 11 of The Great British Baking Show has been delayed until later in 2020

When it comes to shows that can give the viewer a sense of calm and comfort, few do it better than The Great British Baking Show. Since the show has moved to Netflix, fans can now binge watch entire seasons over a weekend and get lost in the warm, fuzzy calm of British baking.

Normally, a new season of The Great British Baking Show makes its debut in late August and then airs weekly thereafter with the show arriving on Netflix three days later. That was the plan for Season 11 until, as with almost everything this year, the pandemic caused a change in plans.

Season 11 of The Great British Baking Show to arrive later than usual

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Season 11 was supposed to start filming in April of this year but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, production was delayed until it could be done safely. That time arrived in July when production resumed and the bakers turned back on their ovens.

As a result of the delay, The Great British Baking Show was obviously going to miss its normal August debut date. Of course, this has fans asking when exactly can we expect Season 11 to appear on our screens. Popsugar is reporting that is looks like the new season will begin airing in Britain sometime late in 2020. Which means it should arrive on Netflix around the same time.

So all of you The Great British Baking Show fans can relax. The victoria sponge, meringue and biscuits are all on their way, just a bit later than usual. Hopefully, this is also the case for The Great American Baking Show, which usually arrives in time for Christmas.

Updated Sept. 11:

According to Delish, the newest season of The Great British Baking Show will return to Channel 4 in the U.K. on Sept. 22. No word yet as to what that means for the U.S. and Netflix, but at least we have an official premiere date for the series in the U.K. to work with.

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When do you think the series will officially drop on Netflix? Will you be streaming as soon as the Baking Show begins streaming? Will you be watching previous seasons again before the new season arrives? Tell us in the comments below.