Where can you get a signature Dunkin’ costume for Halloween 2020?

Dunkin Halloween Costumes, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin Halloween Costumes, photo provided by Dunkin /

Want to look your best this Halloween? You’ll want a signature Dunkin’ costume!

Halloween 2020 will not be like any others due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best! On the contrary, this is the year you need to go all out to have some fun, we all deserve it.

While all your friends will be dressed as superheroes and other popular characters, why not stand out as a donut or coffee? Oh, but not just any donut and coffee pair, but Dunkin’ exclusives!

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This is a perfect couple or BFF costume, because nothing goes together better than a coffee and a donut. Where can you buy these and how much will they cost? We’ve got all the details!

Dunkin Halloween Costumes, photo provided by Dunkin /

Where to find these Dunkin’ costumes for Halloween?

No need to search near and far for it, it’s at Spirit Halloween! That’s right, Dunkin’ has teamed up with the largest Halloween specialty retailer in the country to sell these fun costumes.

Both the donut and the coffee costumes are available now on Spirit Halloween online for presale and each is $39.99.

These days, in particular, we have been depending on Dunkin’ more than ever for our morning coffee and sweet donuts! Without it, we don’t know how we would manage our mornings (and days) during these crazy times.

What do you think about these costumes? Which one will you be getting? 

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