White Castle introduces new 20-slider Crave Clutch

White Castle adding a new 20-slider carryout box they’re calling the Crave Clutch

We’ve all been there. It’s late and you and some friends have been out having a blast creating memories. Now everyone is famished and you all need something to fill your stomachs. Where else is there to go except White Castle for a sack of sliders?

The problem was always that while a 10-slider sack may be fine for one person, sometimes a 30-count Crave Case may be a bit too much. What is a person to do?

White Castle now has a 20-slider Crave Clutch!

As reported by Chewboom, the new 20-slider Crave Clutch is exactly what it sounds like. It includes 20 White Castle sliders and four small fries. The case itself has a decidedly old-school design, including an image of a boom box and a blank cassette tape. It also includes a faux leather cardboard handle so you can feel extra fancy.

The Crave Clutch is the first new slider package White Castle has introduced since 2004 when they launched the now-legendary 100-slider Crave Crate. The White Castle 20-slider Crave Clutch is available now and retails for $19.99 in most areas and will only be available for a limited time, so enjoy it while you can.

Do you consider yourself a White Castle fan and think there is no such thing as too many sliders? Is 20 enough for you or will you want more? Do you miss the days of the 100-slider Crave Crate? Leave a comment below and let us know!