Gen Z’s coffee cravings for National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is just a few days away! Here’s how Gen Z will be celebrating!

Everyone get ready to order and drink some coffee in your favorite cups and mugs because National Coffee Day is just days away, as it falls on Sept. 29, this year! Whether you like your coffee iced or hot, creamer-filled or black, bitter or sweet, National Coffee Day is just a day meant for coffee lovers of all kinds with zero discrimination here!

Recently, a company called Shopkick did a survey, in which they surveyed just over 15,000 customers across the country about all-things coffee and their preferences regarding such subjects from Aug. 7-13 of this year.

Gen Z is very particular about their coffees for National Coffee Day!

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the Gen Z Coffee Survey from Shopkick, here’s a little bit of background about Shopkick themselves:

Shopkick, a Trax company, is a leading shopping rewards app, bringing moments of joy to everyday shopping – both on- and off-line. For brands and retailers, Shopkick provides high consumer engagement along the entire path to purchase.

The company’s unique pay for performance model has been proven to deliver high ROI, while driving incremental traffic, product engagement, and sales. Some of its leading brand and retail partners include Kraft-Heinz, Barilla, GE, Kellogg’s, TJ Maxx and Unilever, among others.

Shopkick is available for free on iPhone from the App Store and for Android from Google Play. For more information, please visit

There were two little parts to this survey. The first one was just about “The Juice on Java” as they titled it. In this part of the survey, we found out that most people drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, while there are still some caffeine-obsessed freaks out there who can consume 5+ cups per day (yes, I have those moments too; don’t worry, we don’t judge here).

In addition, we discovered that most people prefer their coffee to be made at home, instead of going out to their most favorite coffee shops out there; in fact, 70% of surveyors were a part of this group. This is probably the most surprising fact because I feel like you almost always see Gen Z-ers, especially in groups, hitting up the most hip-happening coffee joints out there.

On to part two of the survey; the part where we dive deep into the minds of Gen Z-ers. 48% prefer to drink their coffee iced rather than 15% to older generations’ preferences. That really doesn’t surprise me all that much, really.

Roughly a third of Gen Z’s surveyed stated that they could drink coffee all day long, which was significantly higher than all of the other generations questioned. A good amount of Gen Z-ers will tend to drink their all-day coffees in an instant form, which in my opinion, is the weaker, lazier option out there, but don’t come for me.

Finally, the most disappointing fact of them all: Gen Z-ers like their coffees weak and with zero extra espresso shots. Now, Gen Z is a group of people born from the years mid-to-late 90’s to the mid 2010s. Unfortunately, I fit right in with that group, but disagree with how I like my coffee. I enjoy that extra shot of espresso whether I need it or not!

If you have any sort of coffee-related opinions that you’d like to share with us, be sure to do so by dropping us a comment down below! Hot Lattes or Iced Lattes (hot).