Is a candy chute for Halloween 2020 a good idea?

Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova
Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova /

To practice social distancing, is a candy chute for trick-or-treat a good idea?

Halloween 2020 is going to look very different than what we are used to. For starters, the CDC doesn’t even recommend celebrating Halloween, at least not outdoors. But is there a way around it?

According to Delish, one way to go trick-or-treating while keeping a safe distance from others is by creating a candy chute. This way, we can give candy out safely. The source calls this be the best hack, but is it? Here’s what we think.

First, how do you even make a candy chute? It’s actually very simple. From the looks of it, all you need are empty rolls of napkins (or aluminum foil, etc.) and tape them together. You can also decorate your chute.

How the candy chute works and why it’s not so easy

When a trick-or-treater approaches, step out and send some candy down the chute. That’s it! It seems pretty easy, but what if you don’t have steps leading to your front door? What if you live in an apartment?

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Another important question is, are you supposed to wait outside for the trick-or-treaters? Because, if you don’t, they’ll have to ring the doorbell, which defeats the purpose of keeping your distance.

So while I can definitely see the benefits, it’s clearly not for everyone. There’s also the fact that trick-or-treating isn’t advised, and this encourages it.

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What are your thoughts on this candy chute idea? Will you be trying it out, giving out candy the old fashioned way, or skipping Halloween completely this year?