Is McDonald’s doing anything for National Coffee Day 2020?

Are any McDonald’s locations celebrating National Coffee Day this year?

Happy National Coffee Day 2020! One of our favorite food or drink related holidays. If you’re wondering how Mcdonald’s is celebrating, here’s what we know.

Earlier this month, it was National Cheeseburger Day, and McDonald’s featured one of the best deals! On that day only, the fast food chain allowed customers to enjoy .50 cent Double Cheeseburgers! Now, if that’s not an amazing deal, I don’t know what is!

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Will McDonald’s be as generous today, on National Cofee Day 2020, Sept. 29? Don’t hold your breath! Unfortunately, there’s nothing going on at McDonald’s today, but they do show coffee lovers some love year-round.

There’s no National Cofee Day 2020 deal from McDonald’s

Sorry, all! There is no free coffee or even discounted coffee today from the fast food chain. However, if you frequent McDonald’s, you’re likely already aware of the coffee deal they have year-round. I know I signed up as soon as it was announced!

If you have a McDonald’s app account, you know you get one free coffee after the purchase of five McCafe drinks. Haven’t signed up yet? You’re missing out on free coffee!

Other than this, there are no National Coffee Day deals going on. For a list of our best freebies visit HERE.

If today is going to be all about coffee, why not enjoy a free coffee from a location that is celebrating with freebies (or a great deal) and also stop by for a coffee from McDonald’s to start collecting points to get a free sixth coffee? Because, if you’re a true coffee fan, you need to go all out!

How will you be celebrating National Coffee Day 2020?