Guilty pleasures: 10 of the most unhealthy foods

DiGiorno new Croissant Crust pizza, photo courtesy DiGiorno
DiGiorno new Croissant Crust pizza, photo courtesy DiGiorno /
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Ahh, there’s nothing like planning the perfect Valentine’s day with your significant other. You spent all year thinking about how you could impress that special someone in your life and now it’s showtime. Sure Christmas happened a couple of months prior, but this is a completely different story, pal.

While you could get all unique and spontaneous or do a little something different for the occasion, it’s probably enough to go the traditional route. You know, flowers, sweet nothings, and the icing on top: chocolate!

Better yet, if you’re not the hopeless romantic type or you want to indulge yourself, you could always buy a little something just for you. Either way, if chocolate is in the picture, it’s safe to say you and/or your partner will be more than happy to be on the receiving end of this gift.

Hey, PS: if you are buying chocolates for a romantic occasion, just make sure they truly are for that special someone as opposed to somebody you don’t care much for. I know from experience, this is NOT the way to go.

ice cream
Bowl of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, photo provided by Haagen-Dazs /

Ice Cream

Sure, summer is over, but that doesn’t make ice cream any less enjoyable. One might give this entry a pass in the unhealthy department due to milk being a detrimental ingredient to the majority of the ice cream products and brands that people buy.

However, the vitamin d aspect of ice cream doesn’t outweigh the fact that it’s still an unhealthy guilty pleasure.

According to one Spoon University article, they calculate a half-cup serving of ice cream’s carbohydrate count to be at about 15 grams in addition to 20 – 30 grams of sugar and 10 – 20 grams of fat. Yikes!

Don’t be fooled by sugar-free or low-fat ice cream, either. They may sound like healthier options, but that’s simply just not the case.

By way of The Times of India, sugar-free ice cream contains high traces of saturated fat. This article also reads that overeating this frozen favorite can lead to weight gain, a rise in cholesterol levels, and can increase risks of heart problems.