How to order a Stranger Things Demogorgon Frappuccino from Starbucks

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Until a new season of Stranger Things premieres, enjoy a Demogorgon-inspired frappuccino from Starbucks

This Halloween season, there are plenty of drinks hiding in the secret menu at Starbucks. Our favorite so far is the Stranger Things Demogorgon Frappuccino! Here’s how to order it.

Delish is back at it again with the sharing of amazing secret menu recipes from Starbucks, and they always hit all the best trends. Why is Stranger Things trending, you ask? Is there a new season of the series on Netflix?

Unfortunately, there’s no new season of Stranger Things just yet. But, my friend, the better question to ask is, when isn’t the most popular series on Netflix trending! Stranger Things is always in style, and so are all things inspired by the series. And once you have a sip of this delicious frappuccino, you’ll see what we mean.

If you are tired of your regular order and pumpkin spice lattes, switch things up with this drink!

Order a Stranger Things Demogorgon Frappuccino

  • Ask for a Grande Green Tea Frappuccino with strawberry purée on the bottom
  • One scoop of matcha
  • One scoop of java chips
  • One pump of white mocha
  • Mocha drizzle on top

Remember, you have to give your barista these steps as this is a secret menu item from Starbucks. This means that it’s not a drink on the menu or known by all baristas, you have to customize it.

Let’s consider ourselves lucky, because many secret menu drinks from Starbucks often come with one too many steps that may confuse or frustrate our dear barista.

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What do you think of the recipe? Simple enough to order? What’s your favorite drink from Starbucks that you’ve discovered from the secret menu? 

Stranger Things season 4 premieres on Netflix in 2021.