The people are demanding Taco Bell bring this item back to its menu

Taco Bell is playing with fire.

Let me get this out of the way now; I’ve never been a fan of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, and this is coming from a person whose favorite food is pizza.

This story isn’t about how I and the Mexican Pizza never became friends, but instead about the thousands of its fans that are now marching to Taco Bell’s social media accounts with pitchforks. Apparently, Taco Bell’s decision to pull the Mexican Pizza off of its menu to save costs has angered some of its fans, especially South Asian Americans, who were diehard fans of the item.

So how are the common customer making their voice heard on this sensitive matter? Through a petition, of course.

Making the case for keeping the Mexican Pizza on the menu

According to The Takeout, the Desi community has organized a petition to keep the Mexican Pizza from going the way of the DVD player. Rima Parikh wrote in a touching essay about the Mexican Pizza, saying that losing this menu item will be a loss of their childhood and heritage.

Certainly, one would think that this petition wouldn’t have that many signatures, given that this is Taco Bell, a chain that has plenty of lovers and haters. Maybe 30-to-100 people would sign the petition, it’s no big deal.

Well, over 100,000 people have put their signature on the petition to keep the Mexican Pizza on the menu. Call it a win for people power!

Certainly, with that many signatures, Taco Bell would need to respond to the voices that are crying out to not throw their beloved Mexican Pizza in the scrap heap.

While the chain has yet to respond to the petition, some are calling for fans to buy as many Mexican Pizzas as possible to show their love for the menu item. The Mexican Pizza is slated to be terminated from Taco Bell’s menu on November 5. (Although some locations have already stopped offering this fan favorite.)