Jeff Mauro is done with Food Network cooking competitions

Jeff Mauro has decided he no longer wants to compete in cooking competitions

Jeff Mauro has been a fixture on Food Network ever since he won the channel’s Food Network Star competition during its seventh season. He has risen to notable fame on the network and all of his chances came through a casting competition. Now as reported by Showbiz Cheatsheet, Mauro has sworn off cooking competitions for good.

Since winning Food Network Star, Mauro has had a shaky track record whenever he has appeared on cooking competitions for the network. He has appeared on celebrity themed Chopped episodes along with also appearing on the since defunct Cutthroat Kitchen and also an appearance on Guy’s Grocery Games. Unfortunately for Mauro, he has never won during any of those guest appearances.

Mauro who is as charismatic a host as any on Food Network has taken advantage of his opportunity with the guaranteed show earned by winning Food Network Star, by turning himself into a recognizable host for the channel by combining his love for cooking and performing comedy. His light-hearted style has been appreciated by many and certainly all of his fans.

Jeff Mauro has shown he can be more than just a sandwich maker on Food Network

Despite the lighter side to him, Mauro has certainly been serious when it comes to the dishes he puts together for his shows. Although he was introduced to the home audience as the Sandwich King, he has shown a great amount of versatility whenever he makes a TV show appearance.

He has done everything from Pizza-Stuffed Chicken to Green Curry with Shrimp over rice. He has also been known to experiment with soups and different styles of homemade pizzas. Personally, I have enjoyed some of his barbecue and smoked meat tips and recipes.

Even though Mauro will no longer be submitting himself to cooking competitions for Food Network, he can still be found every Saturday with his friends in The Kitchen.

He can also frequently be found on The Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show, and helping on shows such as Beat Bobby Flay and Supermarket Stakeout.