Skittles encourages social distancing with epic Zombie candy inspired costume

SKITTLES 6ft Socially Distant Costume. Image courtesy Skittles
SKITTLES 6ft Socially Distant Costume. Image courtesy Skittles /

Have you ever wanted to be a pack of Skittles for Halloween?

Looking for an epic Halloween costume that also encourages social distancing? Skittles wants to help by turning you into a pack of Zombie candies. That’s right! You too can rock an epic Zombie Skittles pack as a costume in 2020!

This epic Skittles Zombie costume is a limited edition creation that is only available as part of a contest that will allow a select number of fans to not only wear a six foot wide Skittles pack/frame that does one more amazing thing. The Zombie candy costume also features a wristband that allows you to release the smell of rotten zombie when the button on the band is pressed.

If the frame itself doesn’t keep other people away, then the smell will definitely do it. This is a Halloween costume done right!

Skittles channels their inner Zombie

The only way to get your hands on one of these amazing Halloween costumes is to enter for your chance at Dare the Rainbow. You only have until Oct. 23 to enter, which makes sense as that only leaves a few more days until the holiday arrives!

Winners will be selected on Oct. 26 and then the costume will be shipped directly to your home. And if ever there was a time to enter a contest for a costume like this, 2020 is that time. (Seriously, doesn’t this feel like the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in the year 2020?)

As a fan of Skittles, this is an epic costume that is beyond exciting. Of course, I do have to mention that it won’t just be the people around you who have to smell rotting zombie stench. But if you can handle the smell, this is definitely a must have costume that I would break out all year long just to keep people at distance!

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What do you think of this amazing costume from Skittles? Would you want to be a pack of Zombie Skittles for Halloween? Have you ever eaten a pack of these candies? What did you think of them? Tell us in the comments below.