Costco has been spotted selling a must-have Patron pack and it’s the perfect gift

Costco has a most special Patron pack great for gifts or personal enjoyment

Costco loves to give us a great variety of packs and special gift packs for various items. As reported by Delish, Costco is at it again with an all-new Patron variety pack. It is the perfect little gift for the tequila lover in your life or the perfect way to help you through some holiday Zoom parties.

Shared on Instagram by @costcosisters, this pack features two bottles each of four different flavors of Patron. It’s a great sampler of some of Patron’s most popular flavors. The different flavors include:

  • Patron Silver: Crystal clear made from Weber Blue Agave. This version has hints of fruits and citrus with a light pepper finish.
  • Patron Reposado: Light amber tint, fresh agave & oak with notes of fruit, citrus & honey with a light floral and vanilla finish.
  • Patron Anejo: Warm amber tint, the taste of oak wood with notes of vanilla, raisin & honey with a caramel and smoky finish
  • Patron XO Cafe: A dark, dry and delicious low-proof coffee liqueur with Patrón Silver.

Two bottles of each make for a great night of sharing with a cordial one for me and one for your attitude. Whether you are looking to make a great cocktail or drink the Patron on the rocks. Patron XO Cafe will be a great way to help warm yourself up inside of your favorite coffee whether hot or iced.

If you buy one of the Patron packs from Costo, the possibilities are endless

The other three varieties definitely will make great margaritas, but you can also get creative and mix it with them with some of your favorites such as cranberry juice or make a tequila version of an old fashioned. Patron and seltzer is not a bad choice either.

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The Patron variety packs were spotted at a Costco in Northern California. The price at this location is $30 but availability and cost may vary by location and state. If you can get your hands on these packs, I’d recommend getting one for yourself while also others for gifting. It does feel like the perfect gift for 2020.