Dairy Queen treats: Frozen Hot Chocolate is back!

Patrons gather inside a Dairy Queen restaurant (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Patrons gather inside a Dairy Queen restaurant (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /

‘Tis the season of frozen hot chocolate thanks to Dairy Queen!

Goodbye pumpkin spice, it’s time for new, holiday flavors to swing in and Dairy Queen is stepping up to be one of the firsts with Frozen Hot Chocolate.

It’s a drink meant to be hot, but frozen. I know, confusing, but if you have never tried Frozen Hot Chocolate, do it and you’ll get it! Think of iced coffee, you’re familiar with it, but it’s cold. Some prefer iced coffee over hot coffee or other hot beverages.

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However, when it comes to Frozen Hot Chocolate, it can be for everyone and anyone! It’s simply a very delicious treat. And, for most, the cold weather hasn’t set it in just yet, so it’s very refreshing.

This comes in just after DQ brought back another holiday favorite, the Snickerdoodle Blizzard. Yes, there is a lot of deliciousness going on at Dairy Queen at the moment. What will you be having?

Which Dairy Queen locations will have the Frozen Hot Chocolate?

The Frozen Hot Chocolate perfectly blends cocoa fudge with DW’s signature vanilla soft serve. The treat is garnished with whipped topping and a chocolate drizzle, yum! My taste buds are craving it already! How soon is it available?

According to Chewboom, Dairy Queen’s Frozen Hot Chocolate is available now at participating locations. If you see it advertised at your local DQ, they have it! If you don’t see it, ask just to be sure. It’s only available for a limited time so don’t wait on this one!

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What is your favorite drink at Dairy Queen? Do you look forward to enjoying a Frozen Hot Chocolate? We’ll keep you posted on DQ’s latest flavors.