Avaline brings us the perfect red wine just in time for the holidays

Avaline Red / Image Courtesy Avaline
Avaline Red / Image Courtesy Avaline /

Avaline has gone red just in time for the holidays

Looking for just the right bottle of wine to set the holiday table with this year? Why not give Avaline a taste, especially now that they are going red.

After Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power launched Avaline wines earlier this year with a delectable white and a rich rose, the wait was on for the arrival of the perfect red wine. And now it has arrived.

That’s right, we have a red wine from Avaline and it is everything we could have hoped for this holiday season. It is just the right amount of spice, fruit for a wine that the company describes as being “light to medium-bodied.” And it definitely lives up to this, as this was not the typical, heavy red wine that I was expecting to sip on.

Avaline red wine is perfect all year long and for any occasion

According to Cameron Diaz, “Avaline wines are meant to be everyday wines, no matter the season. Our red is light enough to enjoy in warm weather but has enough body to cozy up with on a winter night. We know that’s how people drink now. It’s not really based on seasons or meals, it’s based on mood.”

After getting the chance to taste this wine for myself, I admit that this could be a new favorite. It was perfect as an accompaniment with a steak and potatoes. It worked well as just a glass of wine at the end of the day. And it just had the smooth flavor that made me want to keep sipping, without being so heavy as to make me feel like I was enjoying a meal in a glass.

This red wine feels like it can pair with just about anything and that makes it a perfect choice heading into the holiday season. Not only does this feel like the perfect bottle of wine to have at Thanksgiving, but it is also going to be around for Christmas and New Year’s too.

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Are you a fan of red wine? Have you tried the other Avaline wines? Are you going to give these wines a try? Tell us in the comments.