Cheetos is giving us an old-school popcorn tin for the holidays

Walmart Walmart Exclusive Holiday Candy & Snacks Assortment. Image courtesy Walmart
Walmart Walmart Exclusive Holiday Candy & Snacks Assortment. Image courtesy Walmart /

Cheetos goes old-school for the holidays with the help of Walmart

If there is one thing we see every holiday season, it is the giant popcorn tins with either a single flavor of popcorn, or maybe even a variety of flavors (duos and trios are usually the most popular). And now it seems that Cheetos is getting in on that holiday magic with the help of an exclusive offer from Walmart.

During a call with the Walmart PR team, we learned all about this new tin and I admit that I need this in my life. Not only does it feature two bags of Cheetos flavored popcorn, but one is the expected cheddar flavor, while the second is almost more seasonal thanks to the color. That’s because the second color is brilliant red thanks to it being the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavor.

As someone who loves holiday popcorn tins, the fact that Cheetos is giving us one with two of their signature flavors is definitely a win for 2020. And since these are an exclusive for Walmart, it makes it pretty easy to figure out where to get one of these, either for yourself or a friend.

Walmart and Cheetos know what we want this holiday season

The thing with these popcorn tins is that they don’t necessarily require anyone to actually break out the wrapping paper. And even Chester is on that idea, as this tin is certainly festive enough in its own way thanks to our favorite cheesy cat wearing a Santa hat while he throws handfuls of popcorn in his mouth.

As far as gift giving goes, these tins are only $7.98 according to Delish, making them a steal all on their own. (I was distracted by the fact that we were getting this tin and totally forgot to ask how much they were going to cost us.)

I don’t know about you, but I may just snag a tin or two and make them a gift to myself. The fact that the popcorn flavors are in two separate bags in the tins also means that I can always pass off the Flamin’ Hot if I decide I don’t want to indulge in spicy popcorn and still enjoy having the tin and the cheddar popcorn.

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What do you think of this exclusive popcorn tin? Will you be heading over to Walmart to snag one of these tins? Tell us about your gift giving ideas in the comments.