Stove Top gets dressed up for the holidays with a Stuffy collection

Stove Top Dinner Jacket + Shawl Credit - Steven Metzer
Stove Top Dinner Jacket + Shawl Credit - Steven Metzer /

Stove Top gets Stuffy for the holidays

Whether you are leaving the house for the holidays or not, Stove Top is giving us an epic collection of merchandise that is perfectly Stuffy! Launching on Nov. 17, the company that knows how to deliver some of the tastiest stuffing will now be giving us a line of formalwear that includes cufflinks!

That’s right – Stove Top Stuffing is getting into the fashion industry, according to a press release from the company. And while they may not be the first food company to give us a line of clothing, this collection is all about dressing up and looking good.

We are talking about a dinner jacket in red velvet that is also unisex and that I am absolutely drooling over (I’ll take a side of stuffing with this jacket). Then there is the Stove Top shawl that is also reversible. They even have a headband that is super cute and perfect for any hair style.

Stove Top gets fancy in 2020 with new Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection

Stove Top
Stove Top Stufflinks Credit – Steven Metzer /

Obviously the theme of this collection is stuffing, after all this is still a line of formalwear coming from Stove Top. However, just because the theme of the looks are all about one of our favorite side dishes, that doesn’t mean you won’t look amazing rocking everything in this collection.

With the collection not officially dropping until the 17th, their Let’s Get Stuffy webpage is all about getting you ready for the magic of these pieces.

While there have been plenty of foodie merchandise drops in the past, this one might be my favorite. Maybe it is the theme of it all or the fact that they went formal with what they are offering, but this collection feels like a must have, even in 2020.

Whether you are enjoying dinner with friends or family this year (socially distanced and responsibly of course) or not, you can still dress up for yourself. And why not dress up in a way that shows off your appreciation for stuffing.

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What do you think of Stove Top releasing a collection of stuffing inspired formal wear? Would you wear these pieces yourself? What do you think of food companies releasing clothing like this? Tell us what you think in the comments.