Walmart releases over 20 gingerbread and cookie kits for under $20

Mini Holiday Oreo Cookie House Kit. Courtesy of Walmart
Mini Holiday Oreo Cookie House Kit. Courtesy of Walmart /

Walmart drops over 20 gingerbread house decorating kits under $20

If you’re looking for something fun to do while staying home this holiday season, why not check out the awesome gingerbread and cookie kits that Walmart is offering. Not only is this a great way to spend time with the family (or even on your own), but you could buy multiple kits and build your own cookie villages with these prices!

In a press email from Walmart, we got to learn about over 20 different gingerbread kits that the store is offering this holiday season. And while many of these kits we have seen before, at these prices, we are okay with rebuilding some gingerbread houses. After all, that’s the perfect way to build a village, by making sure your village people have homes!

Among the kits that really stood out are the Oreo Mini Holiday Chocolate Cookie House , the Hershey’s Chocolate House Kit, and the Crafty Cooking Kits North Pole Wonderland Build it Yourself Gingerbread Spinning Carousel Kit with Mini LED Twinkle Lights and Spinning Platform Base! And considering these kits cost $4.98, $13.98, and $9.98 respectively, these are an absolute steal!

Walmart goes all out with gingerbread house magic

Hershey’s E-Z Build Chocolate House Kit. Image courtesy of Walmart /

Other kits you can pick up from Walmart include:

  • Wilton Gingerbread Camper Kit – $4.98
  • North Pole Wonderland Gingerbread Village Entrance Kit  – $7.98
  • Wilton Gingerbread Pickup Truck Kit – $4.98
  • Marketside Gingerbread Train Kit – $8.98
  • Santa’s Farm Gingerbread Kit – $8.98
  • Minions Gingerbread House Kit – $12.98
  • North Pole Gingerbread Cookie Party Activity Kit – $19.98

The fact that every kit gives you something new and in a number of cases unique, makes this the perfect choice for holiday fun with your family. And if you happen to decide to build one on your own, that’s awesome too.

Each of these kits come with everything you need to build your houses and carousel, or whatever structure the kit creates. Every detail is considered with these kits, and perhaps the only bummer is the fact that they don’t give us extra cookie pieces to snack on while we are building.

At this point, I would happy with any of these kits, as they are all so impressive in terms of creating epic homes out of cookies that will keep us entertained for at least a few hours. And the fact that I don’t have to bake anything makes this kit perfect for anyone.

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Are you going to give building a gingerbread house a try this holiday season? Have you seen any of these kits at a Walmart near you? Tell us what you think of these kits in the comments below.