Oreo has brought back their dunking sets for the holidays

Oreo Dunk Kit. Image Courtesy Walmart
Oreo Dunk Kit. Image Courtesy Walmart /

Oreo Dunking Kits are back in stores for the holidays

Oreo is doing it again! They are bringing back their Dunking Kits for the holidays, making them a perfect gift for the cookie lovers in all of us. And one place you can snag these epic kits is none other than Walmart!

Last year was the first time I came across the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set in Walmart. It was this perfectly packaged gift that I never knew I needed. Not only did it come with two sleeves of Oreo cookies, but there was also a set of glass mugs, a cage for the cookies, and a set of tongs to make it easy to dunk that cookie into a glass of milk.

Fast forward to the kick off of holiday season 2020, and guess what is back in stores? Of course it is the Oreo Dunking Kit. And while we can still get it at Walmart, just like last year, I will admit that I have also seen these kits in other stores, including Five Below. (In fact, one of our favorite Instagram foodies, Markie_Devo shared a post featuring one of these kits after a visit to his local Five Below, just in case you wanted further proof of where to snag one of these.)

Why you need these Oreo Dunking Kits on your holiday shopping list

According to Delish, you can snag one of these kits right on Amazon for $16.99, while Five Below has a smaller kit that will likely cost you around that magic $5 mark. And of course, there is always Walmart if you are already doing your shopping there.

Not only is this a fun gift, but it is also an affordable one, which is definitely something that is exciting for those of us looking to do our holiday shopping on a budget. These kits are perfect for cookie lovers and Oreo fans alike, and the fact that it comes with everything you need for a night of sweet, snacking goodness just means that these are going to be a hit with whoever gets these.

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Have you seen these Dunking Kits in store? Have you tried one for yourself? Do you think these make a good gift? Tell us what you think in the comments.