Move over everything bagels, it’s time for the everything croissant from Walmart to shine

Marketside All Butter Everything Croissants. Image courtesy of Walmart.
Marketside All Butter Everything Croissants. Image courtesy of Walmart. /

Walmart gets innovated with the croissant!

When it comes to delivering quality products and innovation, Walmart has been giving us a run for our money. And when it comes to epic foodie releases, they know what they are doing. So is it any wonder that one of their latest offerings revolves around the croissant? This flaky, buttery, crescent shaped pastry is already perfect, but now Walmart is giving us an entirely new way to enjoy this treat.

In a press email from the company, we learned all about their brand new, All Butter Everything Croissants. Just like the standard croissant, these pastries feature a buttery, flaky 100 percent butter beginning. But then they kick things up a notch by adding poppy seeds, sesame, onion, and garlic seasoning throughout each layer.

The All Butter Everything Croissant from Walmart is our new obsession

Now, if you are anything like me, then you probably enjoy both croissants and bagels. And often, if I am snagging a bagel, it is likely going to be an everything bagel. Of course, I am equally a fan of a fresh baked croissant. And while I like mine plain, or maybe filled with chocolate, I never knew I needed everything croissants in my life until now.

And after giving these a try, I admit they are even better than I expected. While I think the seasoning they use is exactly what you would expect from an everything bagel, when it gets added to the buttery mix of a croissant, it does seem to lose some of the kick. Don’t get me wrong, this pastry is savory and delicious, but it is missing something that makes me think everything bagel goodness. (I will admit right now that I am a bagel snob! It comes from growing up with New York bagels which are in their own league of foodie magic.)

Even with the everything croissants not quite living up to the everything bagel, they are so amazing that I can eat an entire six pack of these things all in one sitting. I mean these are so flaky and tasty that every bite leaves you wanting more.

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If you are looking for something new to nibble on, and you love croissants or everything bagel flavors, then you will definitely want to snag one of these packs from Walmart. You may just find your new foodie obsession.