Cholula partners with simplehuman to make enjoying your favorite hot sauce easier and safer than ever

Cholula Hot Sauce Hands-Free Dispenser. Courtesy of Cholula and simplehuman
Cholula Hot Sauce Hands-Free Dispenser. Courtesy of Cholula and simplehuman /

Cholula and simplehuman are changing the way we look at hot sauce bottles

In a world of contactless delivery and ordering, it only makes sense for Cholula and simplehuman to give us contactless hot sauce! And what better way to do that, than with a brand new take on the hot sauce bottle and dispenser.

It sounds crazy right? I thought so too, and then I read the press release and watched the video they dropped about their new hands-free hot sauce dispenser – a first of its kind invention that takes modern technology and brings it right to your door.

That’s right, this hot sauce dispenser is actually available for you to buy for yourself (or a loved one, after all it is the holiday season!). Starting on Dec. 1, they are offering what they are calling a flash sale promotion where you can head to the Cholula handsfree page and for $130 snag yourself a contactless dispenser that also comes with half-gallon jug of the original flavor Cholula hot sauce. And as an added bonus, the shipping is free!

Cholula and simplehuman are making hot sauce magic happen

Want to see the new contactless hot sauce dispenser in action? Check out the video below:

And while we are here for just how epic it is to be able to use a dispenser like this in the comfort of our homes to get just the right amount of hot sauce with every meal, there is more to the story. It turns out that “100% of Flash Sale proceeds will benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), a nonprofit formed by notable chefs like Tom Colicchio to save independent restaurants affected by COVID-19.”

This means that not only are you getting an epic hot sauce dispenser for your home (or as a gift for a loved one), but you are also helping to support a good cause. It really feels like a win-win situation with this one.

I feel like this is the kitchen appliance we never knew we needed, but now that we do know about it, we absolutely need it!

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What do you think of Cholula and simplehuman partnering for this contactless hot sauce dispenser? Would you use one of these in your own home? (I know I would.) Tell us what you think in the comments.