Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza has fans demanding a comeback

Taco Bell eliminated their Mexican Pizza, and fans are not happy.

It’s been nearly a month, and Taco Bell fans are feeling withdrawals due to the removal of the Mexican Pizza from their menu. In fact, Mashed is reporting that 27 percent of fast food lovers want this Mexican-Italian hybrid back. The misleading headline (the figure is really only 26.67 percent) got me to realize: I’ve never had the Mexican Pizza. Does it really deserve a return?

Come to find out, the Mexican Pizza has very little in common with an actual pizza, and is more closely related to the Tostada. And so my world is shattering. What I imagined to be a genius marrying of two of the world’s favorite junk foods turned out to be nothing more than a perfectly common Mexican dish wrapped in a more “American-accessible” name. Sure, tostadas are delicious, but would 26.67 percent of Americans honestly be asking for the return of the Taco Bell Tostada? No, we know pizza, we like pizza. Pizza good.

Love it or hate it, the Mexican Pizza is gone, at least for the time being. It is, sadly, not the only item we’ve lost this year. Here’s a look back at a few of my personal favorites.

Not the last lost menu item.

A recent trip to Taco Bell led me to the discovery that my favorite item from the menu had been removed, as well. The Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla, one of the best (and least expensive) items in the fast food world was shredded of its dignity and… well, it’s gone. It’s just gone.

What kind of a Mexican restaurant doesn’t have a taco salad? One that is only a Mexican restaurant by the loosest of definitions, I suppose. Even still, Taco Bell’s offering in this regard had numerous fans, especially those who wanted to feel like they were eating something relatively healthy. It should be noted that their taco salad was really no healthier than anything else on the menu, but you somehow felt better about yourself for having used the word “salad”.

For the dessert lovers, Taco Bell doesn’t have the most offerings, but at one time, it had the best. This one’s been gone for a while, but did you remember that at one time, Taco Bell offered Churros? Not only at a reasonable price, but in the area where I was living, it was also the best tasting churro. Soft, yet crisp. Sugary with just enough cinnamon spice to not overwhelm. A fresh churro from Taco Bell was one of my favorite things, and the years have not found its return.

The Taco Bell menu is an ever-changing beast. We love the return of old favorites, the rise of something brand new, and we mourn the loss of our fallen comrades who may never see the light of a heat lamp again.

Do you miss the Mexican Pizza? What were some of your favorite lost menu items? Let us know in the comments below!