The Loaded Nacho Taco is returning to Taco Bell

A customer at a Taco Bell drive through window. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
A customer at a Taco Bell drive through window. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Taco Bell is giving all of their fans a tasty present on Christmas Eve they will all love with the return of the Loaded Nacho Taco.

Remember 2019? When the world was a more, dare we say, normal place? You could hug your friends, go to a movie and then have something to eat indoors. Yep, those were good times. And Taco Bell apparently remembers them fondly too.

See, back in April of last year Taco Bell gave the world the Loaded Nacho Taco. Apart from being really fun to say, the taco was also incredibly good. And the best part? It was only one single dollar. You could go to Taco Bell, plunk four quarters down on the counter and get a Loaded Nacho Taco.

Many thought we would never sees days as glorious as that ever again. Well, The Bell said the heck with that.

Taco Bell brings back the greatness of the Loaded Nacho Taco

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Those rascals at Chewboom are reporting that the Loaded Nacho Taco is making a comeback. Starting December 24, on Christmas Eve, the popular taco will be back for a limited time. And yes, it will still only cost you a dollar.

For those that need a refresher, the Loaded Nacho Taco is a soft tortilla filled with seasoned beef and nacho cheese sauce as well as lettuce, cheddar and Southwest Seasoned Chips. The spicy red chips are flavored with tomato, garlic and lime.

That sounds amazingly good. The fact you can get one for just a buck is just absurd if you ask us.

As mentioned above, the Loaded Nacho Taco will only be available for am limited time, so get one while you can. In fact, grab a ten dollar bill and get a whole bunch of them. For a dollar, why the heck not?

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What are your thoughts on the return of the Loaded Nacho Taco Guilty Eats Nation? Is it the greatest Christmas present you could ask for or just a lump of coal? Leave a comment and let us know.