Doritos brings back the 90s with the return of 3D Crunch

Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos /

Doritos brings the 90s nostalgia with latest release

If there is one thing that 2020 has done right, it has to be the return of 90s nostalgia. From Dunkaroos to Doritos, the 90s are back (even if that might only be for a limited time)! And what better way is there to end 2020 than with the return of the ultimate snack – the Doritos 3D Crunch!

Fan demand for this epic 90s chips meant that Frito-Lay did what we all wanted, brought back the 3D Doritos of so many of our childhoods. Starting on Dec. 28, fans of these three dimensional chips can head to stores to snag bags of either Chili Cheese Nacho or Spicy Ranch. And since these are flavors we definitely didn’t have in the 90s, we can’t wait to pick up a bag of both flavors!

In a press email from Doritos, it was not only confirmed that they would be bringing back these beloved chips, but that the original 3D Crunch spokeswoman, Ali Landry, was also back to launch a nationwide challenge.

Doritos brings the 3D Crunch back with a challenge

On Dec. 28, Frito-Lay is asking fans to head to TikTok to follow #Doritos3DChallenge to see how you catch a 3D Crunch. In fact, “Landry will ask fans to catch Doritos 3D in their mouth in the boldest ways possible.”

While the challenge seems to be focused on TikTok, we definitely recommend hitting up all of social media to follow to fun and nostalgia of this tasty return.

While the 3D Crunch Doritos might be heading back to stores, they are not the flavors we remember and that means we can expect chips that really pack a flavor punch. At the same time, we don’t really know how long these will be in store so if you want to indulge in a little nostalgia, make sure you grab them while you can. So whether you participate in the challenge or just grab a bag to remember the 90s, we are all excited over this particular reboot of a classic.

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What do you think of the return of the Doritos 3D Crunch? Will you be picking up a bag of these fan favorite chips? Did you eat these when they first released in the late 90s? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.