Is Olive Garden open on Christmas Day?

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden /

Will Olive Garden be open on Christmas this year?

With the chaos that was this year, no one can blame any of us for not wanting to cook for the holidays. Unfortunately, with the lack of indoor public dining options and so many restaurants closed, finding takeout on Christmas Day is easier said than done. But is Olive Garden the exception? Can you get takeout from the Italian restaurant on Dec 25?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Olive Garden is closed on Christmas Day and as it’s usually closed on Christmas every year, the chances that your local one will be open are slim to none. But don’t despair! Oliver Garden will be open on Christmas Eve. You just want to check their hours to see if they’re different than usual. The restaurant should be back to its regular hours on Dec 26.

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So if you’re hoping for some Olive Garden on Christmas, just get some takeout on Christmas Eve and heat it up the next day.

Olive Garden will be open on Christmas Eve but will be closed on Christmas Day

Most of their food can survive being reheated and not lose the just-out-of-the-pan taste. Although, how you’re going to stay away from those breadsticks or the black tie mousse cake for entire day, I don’t know. You have more willpower than me.

While the traditional food a lot of people eat for the holidays is great (I would never say no to a sugar cookie), if you’re looking for something different, Olive Garden might be the way to go.

Fettuccine Alfredo and lasagna on Christmas Eve sounds pretty good to me! Just make sure you double up on the breadsticks because there are never enough.

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What’s your go-to order when you eat at Olive Garden? Let us know in the comments below!